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This template generates a Sword object with queriable properties.


1. Use this template to define the object in its own page, for example, in a page Excalibeer

| {{{1}}}
| name=Excalibeer
| desc=This sword causes the wielder to fight as if drunk.
| image=File:Excalibeer.png
| imagewidth=200
| caption=Caption for image
| icon=File:Excalibeer_icon.png
| attack=5
| weight=5
| bestattack=6
| bestweight=4
| sharpenbonus=1
| recipe=
| notes=This sword don't exists in-game.

2. Use the following way to extract properties from the generated page.

{{:Excalibeer|name}} is a {{:Excalibeer|type}} (Attack:{{:Excalibeer|attack}, Weight:{{:Excalibeer|weight}})


Excalibeer is a Sword (Attack:5, Weight:5)

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