Pirates and Nobles Cover Art

Cover Art

The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles is the first adventure pack for The Sims Medieval. It was released on August 30th 2011.

Official Description

"The Sims Medieval Pirates & Nobles Adventure Pack introduces new quests, treasure hunting, and hundreds of new objects for your medieval kingdom! Your epic story starts when the Pirates of Aarbyville and the Nobles of Tredony arrive in your kingdom, followed quickly by sword fights, love affairs, grand adventures and mysteries. Go treasure hunting to uncover hidden objects. Embark on new quests to help your kingdom achieve a new ambition. Stylize your kingdom and Sims with new pirate and nobility themed objects and wardrobe. The fun never ends with this new adventure pack!"

Pirates vs Nobles


Aarbyville pirates are more concerned with finding some booty than consorting with noblefolk. Pirates are fond of cleaning their teeth and nails with a knife and taking swigs from their flask of grog. You’ll also find them searching the scenery with spyglasses.


Tredonian nobles are tough judges of appearance, and they let you know when they think the environment is below them or worthy of their presence. Your Sim might also catch Tredonian nobles primping in order to keep themselves clean and proper.


Four Traits were added with Pirates and Nobles: Entitled, Call of the Sea, Dread Pirate and Guild Enemy

Aarbyville-Tredony War

Take a stand in the Aarbyville-Tredony war with new quests marked with a crossed-swords icon in the quest book. After completing the quest called The Incident, the War Effort Gauge is unlocked. This gauge tracks your kingdom’s allegiance with the feuding territories and is found in the kingdom aspect panel. Aarbyville is marked on the left side of the gauge, and Tredony is on the right. Your kingdom can also remain neutral which is shown by the Plumbob remaining around the center.

Taking Part in the War

War Meter

The War Gauge

Your kingdom’s allegiance in the war changes depending on the choices you make in war-related quests. Although your choices affect your kingdom's alliegiance, you do not choose to whom you wish to side, these decisions are made bit-by-bit by certain quest paths. The effects that your quest choices have on your allegiances are displayed on the quest completion screen.That information is also available in the kingdom aspects panel. The War Effort Gauge is also viewable in the territory map. Depending on the choices you make, you can end the war on the side of Tredony, Aarbyville, or choose to remain neutral.

Moving the War Gauge to one side or the other will open up new items at the Village Shoppe. On the Guild end the Shoppe may stock more advanced birds including the Blue Falcon, the Consortium Lute, the Golden Archiform staff, Guild weapons and Manuals of Blacksmithing, and treasure maps (including the left half of the Contested Map). Similar items become available on the Pirate end of the War Gauge, substituting parrots for falcons, cutlasses for rapiers, and so on (including the right half of the Contested Map). The War Gauge also determines whether some P&N daily responsibilities involve members of the Guild Consortium or the Pirate fleets.

Treasure Hunting

Your Sim is ready for a treasure hunt; all they need is a shovel. Purchase one in the Village Shoppe, or have one built by the local Blacksmith, and then equip your Sim’s shovel from their inventory to begin. Purchased or acquired treasure maps help speed up the treasure hunting process. Select the treasure map in your Sim’s inventory to gain a treasure location clue. Once you believe your Sim is close to the treasure, left-click the treasure map to begin searching. If your Sim pulls out the map and looks at it, the treasure is close by. Left-click the ground to dig for treasure, and when you Sim digs in the correct location, they find it! But treasure hunting also carries the risk of being abducted by the Pit Beast.

New Items

Pirates and Nobles adds many furniture items, but it also adds many special items.


To acquire your Sim’s personal fowl, purchase one from the Village Shoppe or gain one from a quest. Birds can be summoned to your sim and can do many things for you, such as: Hunting for food or treasure or attacking other Sims. There are many kinds of Birds that you may unlock but the first two are the Peregrine Falcon which is fit for a Noble and the Amazon Parrot favored by the Pirates. Sometimes you will find rarer birds available in the Village Shoppe such as a Sunset Macaw, Spix Macaw, White Cockatoo, Red Tailed Hawk, Gyrfalcon, and Blue Falcon. The most profitable birds, in terms of hunting, are the Skeletal Parrot and Mechanical Falcon which can be obtained by finding items to make them by treasure hunting. A Sim may also encounter a Tredonian Battle Falcon or a Black Parrot during the course of the War.

Bird Perch

Purchase bird perches in Furnish Mode or gain them by completing certain quests. There are several interactions for bird perches, including assigning a bird from your Sim’s inventory to the bird perch, removing a bird from the bird perch, purchasing a bird, and calling your Sim’s bird. However make note that when you purchase a bird by using a bird perch, only the most common birds are available.

Bird Whistle

Use the bird whistle to call your Sim’s bird when they are on their bird perch or nearby. While a bird is on your Sim’s arm, select your Sim to view a list of special bird interactions. To have your Sim’s bird attack another Sim, keep in mind that the targeted Sim must be on the same lot. Also, if you send your bird to hunt a lot, remember to feed it, or your bird may die.

Certificate of Title

This inventory object allows your Sim to change their current title or remove their title. For example, Dread Pirate (Sims Name) or Treasure Hunter (Sims Name)

Interrogation Chair

Either purchase the Interrogation Chair in Furnish Mode or gain it in a quest. This object allows you to select the Lock Up Sim interaction for a chosen Sim that is on the lot your Sim is currently on. Sims locked into the Interrogation Chair have a Will gauge. Each interaction you perform through the chair has a positive or negative effect on the Sim, which is reflected in the Will gauge. If the gauge is filled on the positive side, the locked Sim escapes. If the negative side of the gauge is completely filled, the Sim passes out and all levels are reset. In the golden section of the meter, there is either a Persuade or Interrogate interaction option. The available option depends on whether the Will gauge is positive or negative. Each locked up Sim also has an alertness meter, which slowly drains with every interaction. Once this meter is emptied, the locked Sim reacts as if the Will gauge is at its minimum. Of course, you don’t have to wait for the Will gauge to fill for a locked Sim to be released. You can select the release option at any time.

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