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The Sims Medieval Wiki was created to provide details and offer assistance for the computer game The Sims Medieval (TSM), which was released March 2011 by EA Games.

This wiki is designed to help users new and old get accquainted with this unique Sims spin-off. This game is a huge step for EA because they have not even finished all of the expansion and stuff packs for The Sims 3 (TS3). It is one thing to think about starting a completely different game and quite another to actually create said game.

With this wiki, we - as a community - will attempt to provide our users with a comphrensive guide to TSM by offering thorough information, gameplay guiddance, and step-by-step instruction on any given subject within TSM. That is our main mission.

Our second mission is to provide a warm and friendly close-knit community who strives to assist (and perhaps even, sometimes, entertain!) one another and all who come here with any questions or problems they may be having about TSM. In working together towards this common goal, it would seem that, so far, we have succeeded.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.