These guidelines were last updated October 18, 2010

And will take effect October 1, 2010

Abide by these rules, live by them as if you had written them yourself.

What To Do

  • Always treat members with respect.
  • Always be nice and friendly to new users
  • Always improve, report or revert bad edits or vandalism.
  • Always do your research before editing something serious or under development.
  • Always make sure you are familiar with these guidelines.
  • Always try avoid conflicts (though if not possible, handle in the most casual way).

What Not To Do

  • Never vandalize anything.
  • Never use curse words.
  • Never start arguments intentionally just to get a rise out of someone (no trolls).
  • Never threaten anyone.
  • Never edit pages to gain achievements


If someone starts an argument with you, or a simple discussion turns into a heated debate, have enough decency to argue in a formal way. A way that wouldn't even be considered arguing. And if the person starts threatening you, take it to an admin or bureaucrat.

Abide by the the what to do and you will be treated with respect and not be banned, do what the what not to do section says and that is a sure way to get banned.

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