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There was once a kingdom that was very prosperous. It was named Nottinham. But the story of how it was created is very mysterious..

On a stormy night in 576, 3 viking ships crashed into a barren, deserted, lush land. They were lead by Ignor Rovis. He was 38 and was from a small village in northern Sweden. On their arrival, they began to plunder, destroy and pillage the local villages and soon created a Kingdom. In 3 years they repaired their ships and began to conquer all the lands near by. The Kingdom was in Northern Scotland. Because of its cold landscape, it was very hard for the English to conquer and maintain the area.

The population soon became three thousand. On May eighth 1153, a large viking clan invaded Nottinham. In shock, Lord Ignor Rovis quickly grabbed his sword. On his way outside the castle, he was stabbed by a dagger. The death toll was large and heavy sums were taken from Nottingham.

Ignor Rovis' son Edward Rovis took control of Nottingham. He proclaimed himself the King of all of the Nottingham Lands, He built a large fortified wall around Nottingham guarded by the Nottingham garrison. The population rapidly increased, Nottingham soon became a Empire.

December 19th 1161 was not a good day for King Edward, a coup took place and Edward was taken to the town square and was quickly executed. The entire kingdom went into peril and soon was conquered by the English armies. Nottingham fell, its great walls were destroyed. The population was enslaved.

At first the people were docile, mostly accepting that they were slaves, but one day of work in the  bitter cold, Magnus {he had no other name, remembering neither parent}, a worker, was hammering with his pickax harder than nessecary and muttering choice words of what he thought of the work conditions and the entire system. He turned to pick up his small, stale piece of bread when he noticed something the others were too absorbed to see.The  huge stack of lumber was going to fall, and directly underneath were the Griffenstones, Ellen and her three children, Ellen quickly handing out pieces of her meager lunch. He grabbed his fellow worker's arm. "Gunther!" he hissed. Gunther turned around and ran like a bull straight towards the lumber pile, Magnus following as fast as he could. While Gunther grabbed the Griffenstones out of the way, Magnus struggled to hold up the pile. As he felt himself giving way, he jumped to the side, and the lumber toppled down with a mighty crash. The nearby workers burst into cheers, yelling and clapping for the first time since Nottingham had been taken over. Then all at once, silence reigned but for the crisp sound of boots in the frigid snow. A patrol of soldiers glared at the scene, then the commander spoke. "Why are none of you attending to your work? Why have you seen fit to knock down the supplies? This rebellion must be nipped in the bud! Who is the cause of this? I see no trouble in whipping you all before King Johnathan!" Ellen quickly stepped forward. "I am." Her lips trembled. "Ha! Is that so? As you wish. Come, brats. We must be sure your mother does not pass her rebellion to you. I believe two dozen lashes each should suffice, and twice as much for Ellen." "NO!" Magnus thundered. Aided by Gunther, they knocked three guards to the ground before the rest of the group overwhelmed them. "Well, well, the whip is popular today," sneered the commander. Then to the other guards, "Take the brats and the rebels! We will see if they will have this backbone intact tomorrow!" With that, they were led to the throne room.

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When Ellen and her children with Magnus and Gunther arrived to the throne room King Johnathan followed by his daughter, Princess Sofia(her nickname was Sophie) came out from a different room to greet them. The king said, "Why are they here commander?" "We need permission to use the whip on these peasants." said the commander. "Sure." said the king. King Johnathan then handed the whip to the commander. Then a small little voice said, "Father no! Please don't let the commander whip them! I know them! Remember Julia, James, and little Isabella?" That small little voice was Princess Sofia's. "HUSH!" King Johnathan almost yelled. "I will let the guards give only 1 to 3 lashes with the whip to them since you're my daughter and I love you." (will be continued later)

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