It is sung that the talking frog can be found in a place surrounded by wooden giants that hold up canopies of green and autumn gold...

Talking Frog 3

The Royal FRGO!

The Talking Frog is the legend about an ex-Tredony royal named Frgo, who was cursed into a frog. Depending who you ask, Frgo is a King or a Queen and came by the curse differently. It is said that this talking frog has a tongue that stings like the fierce lashes of a succubus's whip, if you get on its bad side... It lives in the forest ensconced in a dwelling of spittle and gold!

Songs have been sung about the mystical objects needed to seek an audience with the royal Talking Frog yourself. The Hero must be wearing the magical Frogga Hat, to make yourself look so peaceful that Frgo won't be scared to talk to you, and present the Ancient Frog's Tear sapphire... that is, if you can find these items and the talking frogs location...

Clue 1- Location of the Frogga Hat - The Frogga Hat can be found among stalagmites...

Clue 2- Resting place of the Ancient Frog's Tear - Myth fortells that it can be found in a place that has smothered the breath of many a human. Literally killed them, this place has....

Clue 3- Frgo's Hiding place - Frgo can be found in a place surrounded by wooden giants that hold up canopies of green and autumn gold...


Name Description Info
Witch Hat
Frogga Hat
  • (Quest item) This magical hat is said to make one appear so peaceful that Frgo, the talking frog, will stick around and talk to you if you're wearing it.
  • (Permanent item) This is just a dumb hat that Frgo laughed at you for wearing. It has no magical powers. It's just silly.
  • Grants a +10 Focus buff while equipped.
  • Hero will keep the equipable hat, but the description changes.
Icon soul fragment
Ancient Frog's Tear
  • This mythical object will attract Frgo, the talking frog, if brought near Frgo's hiding place.
  • It is said that the Tear is the color of Frgo's lost lovers eyes.
search the Sea via the Boat
Talking Frog (magical) These frogs are creatures of legend, and stew up nicely
Talking Frog Legs
Talking Frog Legs (magical) Made from frogs that can speak. Considered the highest delicacy.

Frgo's Story (only in A Toadry Romance approach)

"My <spouse>, the [King/Queen], was a [warlock/witch]. An arranged marriage. My true love was our sapphire-eyed servant. Well, my <spouse> caught me kissing the servant one evening, and so turned me into this hideous form and killed my love. Now I take refuge here, and cannot obtain the kiss I need because anyone who touches me... perishes."
Frgo's skin holds a deadly neurotoxin called Zetekitoxin.

Frgo History (only in Talking Frog's Legs approach)

Monarch's comment - "Bedeviled creature! It is the same royal we banished when we discovered they were trying to overthrow all kingdoms in the land."

See Also

Quest - The Legend of the Talking Frog - Talking Frog's Legs - you may choose to end Frgo's life or one of their minions instead.

Quest - The Legend of the Talking Frog - A Toadry Romance

  • Trivia - the frog will be the opposite gender of your Hero Sim in both quests


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