General Security

A Witch was a powerful and mysterious being. They were rarely seen but feared across all the world, and with good reason. Witches had been blamed for several horrendous, unexplainable acts. Stories spread, and everyone seemed to know a "friend-of-a-friend" who had seen a Witch, but no one could claim direct contact. How, then, would the people of <Kingdom> respond if a Witch were to appear in the middle of their Town Square?
The Witch is Back is a quest featured in The Sims Medieval which costs 4 QP to start. It is a paltry aspect quest available when the kingdom has low Security. The quest revolves around the return of a witch who intends to destroy the whole Kingdom. There are three approaches to this quest.

Delightful Wedding - solo quest for an unmarried Monarch

Counterspellin' - solo quest for the Wizard, Physician or Jacoban Priest

A Witch No More - solo quest for the Knight, Spy or Wizard