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Traits are qualitative aspects of a Sim in The Sims Medieval, and have in-game influence in the form of trait-specific buffs/debuffs, interactions and events. Ordinary traits can have a mix of both positive and negative effects, while Fatal Flaws will only have negative effects, and Legendary Traits will only have positive benefits. Fatal Flaws may be able to be replaced by Legendary Traits via special quests.

By default, each Sim has 2 Traits and 1 Fatal Flaw.

List of Traits

Traits Fatal Flaws Legendary Traits
The Sims Medieval Adventurous. Adventurous Sims are thrill-seekers and love to go out on expeditions. The more dangerous, the better!( *Your sim can go on adventures in the forest and on the ship.) Adventurous
Chivalrous. Chivalrous Sims are kind, courteous, and loyally adhere to the noble idea of courtly love( *If in a relationship, your Sim can only have romantic social interactions with their significant other. *If not in a relationship, romantic overtures are more successful.) Chivalrous
Creative Cook. Spice is the variety of life, and your Sim's got plenty of it! Meals made by Sims with the Creative Cook trait taste better and take less time to prepare.( *Preparing meals takes less time. *Meals taste better and give a positive buff to anyone who eats them.) Creative Cook
Dedicated. Dedicated Sims love their jobs, but often take on a heavier workload than they can really handle. Getting more stuff done has its rewards, though, if they're up to the challenge!( *Your sim will sometimes gain a third daily Responsibility.) Dedicated
Earthy. Earthy Sims love the natural world and enjoy being outdoors. They also look great in brown or green outfits.( *Your Sim is always in a better mood when outside! *Your Sim has a better chance than other Sims of finding rare herbs and ores when collecting outdoors.) Earthy
Eloquent. Eloquent Sims have the gift of gab. Just a few words from an Eloquent Sim are enough to convince, inspire, or comfort anyone.( *Your sim has extra social options when conversing with other Sims that can greatly improve relationships.) Eloquent
Evil. Evil Sims take great delight in the misfortune of others, and prefer to lead a life as far away from goodness as possible.(Your Sim will get a Fiendishly Delighted buff when misfortune strikes nearby Sims!) Evil
Excitable. Excitable Sims get excited about… pretty much everything. They enjoy an extra dose of self-satisfaction when good things happen for them in life.( *Your Sim will cheer for and be excited about doing the basic things in life. Yay! Wooo!) Excitable
Friendly. Friendly Sims love being around friends, and are great at making and keeping friendships.( *Your sim's friendly social interactions are accepted more often. *Your Sim is a good listener, even when others repeat themselves.) Friendly
Fun-Loving. Fun-loving Sims enjoy life and new experiences. Although some might call them immature, that doesn't stop them from having fun!( *Your sim is more motivated to have fun and use fun objects. *Your Sim gets a huge mood boost when having a lot of fun.) Fun-Loving
Good. Good Sims go out of their way to help friends and family in need, are charitable with their money, and frequently comfort those around them.( *Your Sim can donate to charities and comforts others.) Good
Greedy. Greedy Sims desire money with every fiber of their being. It drives them throughout life and at every turn, and they get great joy out of making money.( *Your Sim will be in a good mood after making a decent amount of money. *Your Sim can borrow money from others and not have to pay them back!) Greedy
Haggler. Store clerks will fear the sight of you and throw discounts at your feet to expedite your passing.( *Your Sim can haggle at the village shoppe to reduce prices. *Your Sim gets a discount when buying items at the Market Stall.) Haggler
Hopeful Orphan. Hopeful Orphans are Sims on a quest to find their long-lost parents. They're out there somewhere!( *Your Sim can ask other Sims of they know anything about their parents. You never know what you might discover!) Hopeful Orphan
Jokester. Sims that are Jokesters see the lighter side of life, and are always ready with a quick one-liner or funny story.( * Your Sim's jokes and funny socials have a greater positive effect during social interactions. * Other Sims will always be in a better mood after they've heard your Sim's jokes.) Jokester
Loves Family. Sims with the Loves Family Trait have a close connection with their families, and enjoy talking about and being with their loved ones.( *Your Sim's interactions with family members will have better results! *Your Sim can share their familial love with other Sims, boosting their mood!) Loves Family
Scholarly. Scholarly Sims have a strong desire to learn everything they can about the world around them. They are fascinated by even the most mundane objects, and always enjoy a good book.( *Reading books will put your sim in a good mood.) Scholarly
Solitary. Solitary Sims are self-sufficient and prefer to do things alone. They are shy around people they don't know well, and become uneasy if a lot of Sims are nearby.( *Your Sim is in the best mood when alone.) Solitary
Unkempt. Unkempt Sims couldn't care less about keeping up appearances. In fact, the dirtier, smellier, and grungier they get, the better mood they are in!( *Sim can eat spoiled food and supposedly sleep anywhere (not confirmed).) Unkempt
Vain. Sims with the Vain Trait are the most beautiful Sims in the world, at least in their own eyes. Now why can't other Sims appreciate how gorgeous they are?( *Your Sim will get the I Am Beautiful buff when looking in a mirror! *Your Sim loves a house filled with mirrors so they can see how great they are!) Vain
Whale Ate My Parents. Carnivorous, Sim-eating whales were a constant threat back in Medieval times. Indeed, legend has it that the ocean was formed from the tears of orphaned children whose parents were devoured by these underwater menaces.( *Sim can go out on whale hunts, at the port.) Whale Ate My Parents
Bloodthirsty. Watch out! Bloodthirsty Sims are always looking for a fight, and will never back down from a challenge.( *Your Sim will easily get into fights with other Sims. *Your Sim will always be in a better mood after fighting.) Bloodthirsty
Compulsive Gambler. Compulsive Gamblers are obsessed with games of chance, especially when money is on the line. They will frequently get the itch to make bets and gamble, often for higher stakes.( *Your Sim is compelled to gamble a lot, and will get in a bad mood if they haven't done so in a while. *Your Sim can make bets with other Sims to help alleviate the gambling itch. *Your Sim plays for higher stakes when gambling.) Compulsive Gambler
Cowardly. Cowardly Sims live in constant fear for their lives. The world is a scary place to them, and they often become afraid of even innoculous things, sometimes to the point of fainting or running away in terror.( *In scary situations, your Sim may run away or faint. *Your Sim will become afraid when alone, outside at night, or in a dark room.) Cowardly
Cruel. Cruel Sims have a lot of pent-up anger and disdain towards the world, and they often feel the need to vent their rage on other Sims.( *Your Sim will often have the Pent-up Anger buff, and will need to find a hopeless victim to be mean to.) Cruel
Cursed. The fates are unkind to Sims afflicted with the Cursed trait. Things just never seem to go their way.( *Your Sim will sometimes wake up Cursed, so prepare to have a bad day!) Cursed
Drunkard. Drunkards have a love-hate relationship with various intoxicating beverages; they love to drink, drink often and in large amounts, but really hate life when they wake up the next morning.( *Your Sim will often feel compelled to drink. *If your Sim has not had a drink recently, they will suffer from a powerful negative buff.) Drunkard
Fool. Sims with the Fool fatal flaw are somewhat scatter-brained and lacking in common sense. They are easily distracted and often get lost.( *Your Sim might occasionally do something really random... *Expect your Sim to be a bit forgetful from time to time...) Fool
Glutton. Gluttonous Sims are always hungry and can never get enough food.( *Your Sim's Hunger motive decreases much faster than normal. *Your Sim will need to teat considerably more food to fill up their Hunger motive.) Glutton
Hubris. Sims with Hubris get so full of themselves when they successfully do things that they become blinded by their own hubris.( *Your Sim is frequently filled with so much confidence in their superiority that they'll be able to do everything much better than everyone else. *Your Sim is much more deserving of admiration and respect, and thus loves to be complimented.) Hubris
Insecure. Insecure Sims don't have a lot of confidence in themselves, especially in regards to socializing. They are often nervous and get depressed easily if their social life isn't going well.( *Your Sim needs to socialize more with other Sims, otherwise your Sims will easily get lonely. *Your Sim will sometimes wake up in the morning very anxious and nervous.) Insecure
Insomniac. Sims with the Insomniac Fatal Flaw have difficulty falling asleep when they want to. Unfortunately, this means that they are so tired during the day that they will sometimes fall asleep when they decidedly do NOT want to.( *Your Sim will have trouble sleeping and will wake up often during the night. *Your Sim will sometimes fall asleep suddenly in the middle of the day.) Insomniac
Licentious. Licentious Sims are romantically inclined, but not exactly in a wholesome way. They're always looking to get some action, regardless or propriety and consequences.( *Your Sim's romantic interactions are of a more seedy nature. *If your Sim hasn't kissed or Woohoo'd in awhile, their mood will go down significantly.) Licentious
Misanthrope. Misanthropic Sims have nothing but disdain and contempt towards their fellow Sims., and won't hesitate to show it. They really don't get along well with others , so keep your distance!( *Your Sim will be put in a bad mood after socializing with other Sims they don't know well. *Your Sim prefers to be mean to others.) Misanthrope
Morose. Morose Sims are rarely in a good mood. It's quite difficult to make them happy, because they simply don't want to be happy.( *Your Sim will usually get sad before etting angry or uncomfortable... *It's more difficult to get your Sim into a good mood.) Morose
Puny. Puny Sims are physically weak and feeble. They rarely can hold their own in a fight, and strenuous activity quickly leaves them tired and sore.( *Your Sim often gets sre when using high-impact objects, lowering their mood. *Your Sim will lose fights more often. *Your Sim will lose Kingball matches more often. *Your Sim gets drunk faster.) Puny
Uncouth. Sims lacking in couth muck up both precious and everyday moments in life with shoddy footwork, poor planning, and poorly chosen words.( *Your Sim is a bit accident-prone due to a lack of coordination. *Your Sim has a tendency to say inappropriate things during conversation, and other Sims will often be appalled.) Uncouth
Weak Constitution. Sims with a Weak Constitution are fragile and have trouble withstanding sickness. Their delicate stomachs will often give them trouble after eating or drinking.( *Your Sim is more likely to contract sickness and diseases. *Your Sim will occasionally throw up after eating or drinking. Blech! *Your Sim's stamina will drain faster during combat.) Weak Constitution
Guild Connections
Natural Leader
Patient. Patient sims aren't in any hurry, and their relaxed, laid-back nature makes it easier for them to make friends and be granted leniency in their responsibilities.( *Your Sim is always granted extra time to complete responsibilities. *Your Sim can share their calm and patient demeanor with other Sims to greatly improve relationship.) Patient
Strong Constitution

Pirates and Nobles expansion

Call of the Sea. Sims with the Call of the Sea trait can't get enough of the high seas. Stay on land too long and your Sim will feel like a fish out of water!( *Your Sim can use the ship to go fishing. *Your Sim will be more focused after traveling on the ship.) Call of the Sea
Entitled. Entitled Sims feel they are above the rest and don't waste their time with the mundane things in life.( *Your Sim can receive its allowance at the messenger post because an honest day's work is for suckers.) Entitled
Guild Enemy. Shopping has never been so unpleasant. Guild Enemy Sims will literally pay a price for not choosing their enemies wisely.( *Your Sim will be charged a premium by the Guild Merchants at the Village Shoppe. *Your Sim can shopfrom Non-Guild merchants, but there's a good chance you won't find what you're looking for.) Guild Enemy Dread Pirate. A pirate's life for me is their motto. Dread Pirate sims love to shake things up, especially on the high seas.( *Your Sim prefers to be around other pirates *Your Sim can lead pirate raids ans collect pirate tribute *Your Sim can fight like a pirate!) Dread Pirate
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