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Treasure chest found with "My First Treasure Map: An Amateur's Guide to Treasure Hunting"

Treasure Hunting requires The Sims Medieval: Pirates and Nobles expansion (P&N). Sims can dig for treasure with shovels, piece together or buy maps, receive special items and titles. Birds are great assets and will sometimes bring back map pieces and other treasure items.


Shovels are equipable items required to dig up treasure. They can be bought from the Village Shoppe, crafted by the Blacksmith, found from treasure chests or random events.

Icon Shovel Description Effectiveness From
Crude Shovel.jpg
Crude Shovel A poorly constructed shovel that is both heavy and thick. Any would-be treasure hunter should expect quite a workout trying to dig anything up with one of these. 1 - Normal quality Village Shoppe; Blacksmith crafting
Crude Shovel.jpg
Steel Shovel A standard steel shovel, sturdy and heavy. This is a treasure hunter's best friend. 2 - Normal quality Treasure Hunting, Blacksmith crafting
Mithral Shovel.jpg
Mithral Shovel Mithral alloys make this shovel both thinner and lighter than most standard shovels, helping any treasure hunter to dig far faster. 5 - Normal Quality Treasure Hunting
Silver Eye Shovel.jpg
Silver Eye Shovel The greatest and craziest treasure hunter of all time, Blood Captain Silver Eye, commissioned a set of shovels to be made by melting the most valuable find from each of the 300 treasure caches he had unearthed by then. They are rumored to have inherited magical properties from their melted ancestors, and are by far the best shovels ever constructed by man.

It is rumored that before his death, Silver Eye buried each separately, scattered throughout the world, so worthy treasure hunters could find and benefit from them.

10 - Normal quality Treasure Hunting - Silver Eye and Contested treasure map


Maps are not required to "dig for treasure", but maps do lead to great buried treasure locations!

Icon Name From Map Details Dig Location Treasure Notes
Icon Map.jpg
My First Treasure Map: An Amateur's Guide to Treasure Hunting Village shoppe This map appears to lead to an area with a lot of trees. Forest entrance, near sign
  • $9
Icon Map.jpg
Extravagant Treasure Map
Icon Extravagant Map.jpg
Extravagant Map piece x3
There is a single gnarled tree alone on the map Near the tree between the two churches
Complex Treasure Map.jpg
Dragon Marked Treasure Map
Marked Map piece.jpg
Marked Map piece x4
The map states the dragon was rumored to live under an ancient tower Near the ruins around the Pit of Judgement
Icon Map.jpg
Map of the Watcher
Holy Map piece.jpg
Holy Map piece x5
The map has a note on it saying it indicates where the holiest ground in the area can be found between the two Churches
Ancient Map.jpg
Ancient Map
Mysterial Mortar.jpg
Mysterial Mortar
Shard of Map Tablet x6
While hard to make out, it appears the map shows a giant cliff overlooking a body of water behind the Wizard Tower
Complex Treasure Map.jpg
Complex Treasure Map Village shoppe (seems it can only be used once per kingdom, although it remains in Village shoppe to buy repeatedly) In fog or darkness all who are sane wish to be home. But only sailors need two houses in such circumstances. I buried it near the first! by Lighthouse near the docks requires War Gauge Pirate aligned
Complex Treasure Map.jpg
Silver Eye Treasure Map
Old Map piece.jpg
Old Map piece x3
This map contains a riddle. It reads: It is clear when calm, white when full and all the colors when raging. My treasure is buried at the top. land on top of the Waterfall
Icon Map.jpg
Crinkled Map Village Shoppe The map has little pictures of people exchanging money in one section of it. In the Merchant's Marketplace requires War Gauge Guild aligned
Icon Map.jpg
Contested Treasure Map Village shoppe;
Marked Map piece.jpg
Right Half of Contested Treasure Map
Icon Extravagant Map.jpg
Left Half of Contested Treasure Map
History tells of two brothers. One decided to become a pirate, the other joined the Guild Consortium. One day they discovered a treasure map in an old chest. Unfortunately, they disagreed about who saw it first, and in the proceding fight they tore it in half. Each took their half, swearing to find the treasure first. Of course, neither were able and the map has remained separated ever since. on path between Judgement Zone and Training Yard (see bottom picture)
  • Right Half - War Gauge Pirate aligned
  • Left Half - War Gauge Guild aligned

***Contested treasure map tips- (to be added, once tested)


Other items acquired from and used to complete treasure hunting objects.(Furnish Mode items may also be found in treasure chests)

Icon Name Description From Notes
Ancient Bones.jpg
Ancient Bones Bones from some ancient creature. used to reconstruct skeletal sculptures
Icon AncientPowder.jpg
Ancient Powder The disintegrated remains of some ancient artifact. Used in certain alchemical recipes and occasionally for forging. Most often found with buried treasure. makes Mysterial Mortar with Well Water
Dragon Tooth.jpg
Dragon Tooth The dragon's tooth looks menacing even without a mouth
Mysterial Mortar.jpg
Mysterial Mortar An extremely sticky substance that dries solid after a few minutes. Favored by historians for reconstructing ancient artifacts and skeletons.
Pottery Shard The shattered remnants of some ancient relic Treasure Hunting
Tiny Bones.jpg
Tiny Bones Some tiny bones, perhaps from some kind of bird


Place able objects made with items/pieces from treasure hunting, including, decor and statues.

Object Image Object Ingredients Notes
Ancient Bones
Ancient Bones.jpg
Reconstructed Baby Dragon Skeleton
  • Dragon Tooth x5
  • Ancient Bones x5
  • Mysterial Mortar
Reassembled Tigerwolf Skeleton
  • Ancient Bones x5
  • Mysterial Mortar
Reconstructed Fossil Wlghvoge
  • Ancient Bones x5
  • Mysterial Mortar
Pottery Shard
Forgotten Urn.jpg
Reassembled Forgotten Urn

A very old, but still beautiful, urn.

Environment Score: 3

  • Mysterial Mortar
  • Pottery Shard x4
Reassembled Idol of the Watcher
  • Mysterial Mortar
  • Pottery Shard x6
Reassembled Urn of Golden Delight
  • Electrum x3
  • Mysterial Mortar
  • Pottery Shard x8


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