Weak constitution
"Sims with a Weak Constitution are fragile and have trouble withstanding sickness. Their delicate stomachs will often give them trouble after eating or drinking."

Weak Constitution is a Fatal Flaw.

  • Sims with Weak Constitutions are more likely to contract illnesses.
  • Sims with Weak Constitutions will occasionally throw up after eating or drinking.
  • Sims with Weak Constitutions will lose Stamina in combat faster, so it's a good idea not to give this Flaw to Monarchs, Knights, or Spies.
  • Good for Physicians.


This flaw is very easy to overcome, especially in a kingdom with high well-being, as there will be less disease. There is no negative buff that will pop up regularly, the only regular effect being the sim throwing up after a meal (which doesn't affect anything). It is still, however, not recommendable to give this flaw to any hero that engages in combat, as it does cause faster stamina depletion.

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